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Free Chord Lyric Software for Windows®

Jazz and rock musicians often play from chord and lyric sheets instead of sheet music. I wrote this simple Windows program to replace the printed chord sheets I used to use during practice, and decided to make it available for anyone else who may find it useful. Digital Fake Book displays chords and lyrics in plain text format on 1 or 2 sheets. It is not able to display standard music notation.

Latest update 1.9.7 – August 2012

Main Features
  • Keeps all your songs in one place for easy, one-click selection.
  • Built-in metronome with tempo setting for each song.
  • Chord transpose to change the key of the song.
  • Audio file linking with A/B section looping helps with learning songs by ear.
  • Audio files can also be transposed.
  • Text size and sheet divider position is saved with each song enabling the largest text size possible while still fitting the whole song on the screen.
  • Random sets can be created to make practice more varied.
  • Several color schemes (themes) to choose from.

Digital Fake Book. Free chord lyrics software for Windows.

Download Version 1.9.7
Size:953.0 kB – 4,020 downloads

License: Freeware. Digital Fake Book is copyright Mike Warren. It may be used and distributed freely as long as no fee is charged and the author is not misrepresented. This software is distributed on an “AS IS” basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.

The Digital Fake Book forum is available here if you have any questions, or want to discuss the program with other users.

Click here to view the Digital Fake Book help online:  How to Use Digital Fake Book

Download Manual
Size:399.7 kB – 1,754 downloads
Thanks to danmar for creating it.

Digital Fake Book Portable

A portable version of Digital Fake Book can be downloaded if you want to use the same set of data on more than one computer. This is supplied as a zip file, and needs to be extracted to the location you want to run it from. This is exactly the same program as above, but is packaged in such a way that it doesn’t need to be installed to run.

It’s important to keep the file and folder structure the same as it is in the zip as the program expects to find the various files in particular locations in relation the the program file. There is no installer to run, but you may want to download and install the Bitstream Vera font

The portable version is also useful if you want to run multiple versions with different configurations of song data. See the help file for more information.

Download Portable Version 1.9.7
Size:1.1 MB – 1,203 downloads

Using Digital Fake Book on a Mac

I’ve been informed that DFB can be used on OSX by installing WineBottler. The downside is that media file playback and the metronome won’t work.

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions for improvements, please email me, post on The Digital Fake Book Forum or leave a comment below.


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  1. Hi

    Is it going to be possible to increase the text size within the program ?

    • I’m not sure what you mean, Mike.
      If you mean increase the size of the displayed lyrics, you can do that easily with the TEXT SIZE ARROWS .
      If you don’t SEE the TEXT SIZE ARROWS when you use the program, that means you have the AUTO TEXT SCALING enabled.

      FIRST, be sure you have the latest version of Digital Fake Book installed.
      It SHOULD be “Version″.

      You can check that by going to the OPTIONS Menu and clicking on
      the VERY LAST ITEM which is “ABOUT”.

      If you need to update, do so before you proceed.

      1. Open the OPTIONS Menu.
      2. Scroll down to AUTO TEXT SCALING, which is the 9th item down on the Menu.
      3. Click on that item to disable it.

      You should now be able to use the TEXT SIZE ARROWS.

      You may email me directly if you need any more assistance:

  2. I am getting involved with a band, and was looking for an accessible fake book. YOur softward would allow me to export to a text file, put it in my braille notetaker, and read it in braille. What do you think?

    • I don’t think it will be any help to you. Digital Fake Book is just a viewer program. You would have to import the text before exporting it, so you’d gain nothing.

  3. Fantastic looking. Wife has been asking me for this for quite a while. Note that the EXE download using Norton shows that it has a virus and will not allow me to use that one. I did download the .ZIP file, checked it before running and it was clean. Sometimes these Virus checkers just are not happy with EXE files, so whether it is an actual virus or not is unknown.
    Thanks for what looks to be a great program. Now I just have to get the footswitch and import her lyrics, MP3s, etc. etc.

    • Hey Doug,
      This foot switch has been doing a GREAT job for me for many years with DFB – – along with free key-assigning software from –
      Good Luck with your project!

      • Thanks, I was just getting ready to look up a USB solution. Good timing!

      • Hi John, I check out the infinity foot pedal and it looks to be cheaper than Altoedge but they claim infinity wont work with the free software,I’m a bit confused

        • I should mention something that may be of interest to people wanting footswitch control.

          The company I work for will shortly be releasing an 8 channel USB switch controller for Windows. This has eight 1/4″ jacks on it, allowing up to 8 foot switches or other switch controllers to be plugged in, and will send programmable keystrokes to programs.

          The upcoming version 2 of Digital Fake Book will support his controller natively.

        • certainly has worked for me perfectly since day one. You can always return the pedal is all doesn’t work as it should, and get your $ back. I’ve been using mine several days/nights a week for over three years now :)

    • I use a free installer system called Inno Setup that is extremely popular. Because Inno Setup is sometimes used by virus makers, many anti-virus programs have mistakenly marked any Inno Setup installer as a virus,

      Very frustrating.

      • No problems, just wanted to comment about it in case someone else runs into the same issue. Great programming job, btw.

  4. Mike
    I can’t thank you enough for the great job you did on putting this program together. You can’t believe how much you have lightened my load at gigs. No more hauling in books and searching for requests song is so much easier. In the past I used an MP3 player to play my backing tracks and word pages for my files. So finding the page and then pulling up the backing track was to time consuming and if you got them up dancing you need to keep songs coming quick. I have 2 reguests.
    1.) Please allow us to donate something – you have helped so many others with this program and I for one would like to send a donation.
    2.) I sent this request before, but I was hoping in your update that you can add a change that allows you
    to exit a current gig playlist when you have a song requested at a gig and when you return to the the gig playlist that it returns you to the same place you were when you left it so you don’t have to search for your
    previous spot in the playlist again.
    Thanks so much

    • Hi John,

      I’m not sure I understand your request. DFB should remember the playlist and position on exit and put you back in the same spot when restart. Do you close DFB before you shut down the computer? If not, it may be that Windows is pulling the rug out from under DFB before it has a chance to complete writing the settings file.

  5. Just a comment Friends to make this better!

    – there also other solutions like Musicreader etc.

    -what is really needed are:
    – any switch -forward
    – any switch or the same twice -backward
    – that’s all for the switches needed

    – notes transposition +/- x–keys
    – save your selection.

    that’s all what’s needed.


  6. Mike,
    How is the new version of DFB coming along?
    I have 2 requests for inclusion in the new one:
    1. Text formatting or the ability to keep existing formatting, such as from MS Word.
    2. The ability to import scans & images as files, thus allowing a scan or image of sheet music to become a file.
    Thanks for all you do. Have you yet considered accepting “donations” from your grateful software users for all your hard work?
    Thanks again!!!

    • I haven’t done any work on the new program for several months due to having no large blocks of spare time. I’m designing this version properly to allow for future direction and the only actual code I’ve written is the shell for the user interface.

      If I had been accepting donations I would’ve felt obliged to put other, more important things in my life aside to work on DFB.

      I may consider accepting donations with the new program.

      “1. Text formatting or the ability to keep existing formatting, such as from MS Word.”

      Handling Word format won’t be in the first release, but because of the modular way I’m designing it, it won’t be hard to add later.

      “2. The ability to import scans & images as files, thus allowing a scan or image of sheet music to become a file.”

      A graphics display mode will be there. I’ll support the easy formats first (BMP, JPEG, GIF) and add others further down the track.

  7. Hi Mike:
    Would it be possible to program a 3rd
    Foot switch into the program?



    • Hey Tim,
      If you can get hold of almost any usb footswitch, whether one-two-three-four-five, etc., buttons, it can be told to emulate any keystrokes for each button/pedal, as long as Mike has programmed the keystrokes in the program. I have a three button usb pedal and use one button for advance, one for going back, and one for toggling the songlist on and off. The button assignments are done by a free program from Pedalware. Hope this helps!

      • Thanks for the info and I understand all that, but I already have a serial footswitch and don’t really want to invest more money into more equipment.


        • Unfortunately, there are only 2 input wires on a standard COM port that can be easily used as a switch. Adding more switches would become very complicated, hardware wise.

          • I have found a db9 based foot switch and can provide you with a diagram as to the wiring. this foot switch has a fwd switch, rew switch and a play switch.all wired to db9.

          • Hmm, I guess the third switch is between TxD and RxD. That would mean a continuous stream of data would have to be transmitted. I could probably do that, but would need to check how it would affect CPU usage.

    I’ve used this program several years now, and it is an important part of my musical set-up. Currently I’m using DFB with a Dell Inspiron 12″ laptop/tablet convertible, running Windows 8.1. I have accumulated 1755 songs on file and am constantly adding more. I’ve found Mike to be very responsive to requests for tweaks in the DBF program, and the current version implements several of my suggestions. I realize Mike is working on an entirely new ‘from the ground up’ version of DBF, possibly to be called “DBF 2″. I’s been a long time coming, and it apparently still is a work in progress. If you have any suggestions for Mike to include in the new version, go to the forum linked below.

    Please note that he has stated he’ll NOT be doing a Mac, iOs, or Android version, due to time and equipment restraints.

    Here’s the link to the forum:

    Thanks again Mike!

  9. I love this. Very handy. I do need for Android though.

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