Nov 222011
Free Chord Lyric Software for Windows®

Jazz and rock musicians often play from chord and lyric sheets instead of sheet music. I wrote this simple Windows program to replace the printed chord sheets I used to use during practice, and decided to make it available for anyone else who may find it useful. Digital Fake Book displays chords and lyrics in plain text format on 1 or 2 sheets. It is not able to display standard music notation.

Latest update 1.9.7 – August 2012

Main Features
  • Keeps all your songs in one place for easy, one-click selection.
  • Built-in metronome with tempo setting for each song.
  • Chord transpose to change the key of the song.
  • Audio file linking with A/B section looping helps with learning songs by ear.
  • Audio files can also be transposed.
  • Text size and sheet divider position is saved with each song enabling the largest text size possible while still fitting the whole song on the screen.
  • Random sets can be created to make practice more varied.
  • Several color schemes (themes) to choose from.

Digital Fake Book. Free chord lyrics software for Windows.

Download Version 1.9.7
Size:953.0 kB – 3,856 downloads

License: Freeware. Digital Fake Book is copyright Mike Warren. It may be used and distributed freely as long as no fee is charged and the author is not misrepresented. This software is distributed on an “AS IS” basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.

The Digital Fake Book forum is available here if you have any questions, or want to discuss the program with other users.

Click here to view the Digital Fake Book help online:  How to Use Digital Fake Book

Download Manual
Size:399.7 kB – 1,691 downloads
Thanks to danmar for creating it.

Digital Fake Book Portable

A portable version of Digital Fake Book can be downloaded if you want to use the same set of data on more than one computer. This is supplied as a zip file, and needs to be extracted to the location you want to run it from. This is exactly the same program as above, but is packaged in such a way that it doesn’t need to be installed to run.

It’s important to keep the file and folder structure the same as it is in the zip as the program expects to find the various files in particular locations in relation the the program file. There is no installer to run, but you may want to download and install the Bitstream Vera font

The portable version is also useful if you want to run multiple versions with different configurations of song data. See the help file for more information.

Download Portable Version 1.9.7
Size:1.1 MB – 1,154 downloads

Using Digital Fake Book on a Mac

I’ve been informed that DFB can be used on OSX by installing WineBottler. The downside is that media file playback and the metronome won’t work.

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions for improvements, please email me, post on The Digital Fake Book Forum or leave a comment below.


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